Terms of Use

Submitting a Refund Application

  1. Every client of our company can ask for a refund within two weeks after the deadline expiration. Please, note! The refund cases related to plagiarism do not have any time limits. To get a full refund, the customer should provide company`s administration with a valid plagiarism report proving copy-pasted content.
  • We consider Turnitin, WriteCheck, iThenticate as credible plagiarism checkers and encourage our customers to use them for checking the final papers. However, the properly cited quotes, tables, guidelines, and references cannot be referred to as plagiarism. Such search engines as SafeAssign are not 100% reliable checkers since they highlight direct quotes as plagiarism. In addition, we do not accept the files with the handwritten comments, as they cannot be considered as valid proofs of plagiarism.
  1. If you want the writer to continue working on your own paper, please note that the company is responsible only for the authenticity of the writer`s part.

  2. If you want to apply for a refund and can provide us with the solid proofs, our Refund Department will investigate the case and provide you with the outcome of the research. If your claims are justified, we will proceed with a partial/full refund. Usually, getting a response takes 3-4 business days.


  1. A customer may apply for a free revision within two days after the moment of deadline expiration. When they need it later, writer`s efforts should be compensated. However, if the writer agrees to help the customer for free, the customer cannot get a full refund in future.
  2. Longer papers (20+ pages) have a longer free-revision period. As such, the customer may apply for a free revision within 30 days after the expiration of the deadline.
  3. Please, note that the customer cannot apply for a free revision if they change/add new instructions. However, they can compensate writer’s additional work basing on new revision instructions.
  4. If a client needs the final paper to be revised, they should send clear revision instructions and provide the writing department with a reasonable deadline. It may take approximately 24 hours to revise the paper depending on the complexity of the revision comments. Be sure our company will try to meet and even exceed your expectations.
  5. We kindly ask our customers to check their e-mail and personal profile for possible notifications from the company`s administration. In some cases, the writer may need approval of the topic or clarifications on the order instructions. Please, note that it is the customer`s responsibility to provide the writer with all necessary materials and guidelines for paper writing.
  6. Every customer may choose the ‘Extended Revision ‘option to get the free revision period extended up to fourteen days. Such an option will cost 30% of the initial price. Again, the revision request should correspond to the initial instructions. If the customer fails to request a revision within two weeks, the extra fee cannot be reimbursed.

A Full Refund

  1. A customer may get a full refund if they place the order by mistake or are double charged. If this happens, the client just should contact our Support Team immediately and inform us about the case.
  2. The company will issue a full refund if the Writing Department fails to find a writer for the assignment.
  3. If the company proceeds with a full refund, the paper is no longer in the customer`s property, and they cannot use it for further purposes.

A Partial Refund

  1. A client can get a partial refund if they order an incorrect number of pages. Thus, the customer will receive a part of their money back based on the correct number of pages needed.
  2. The company will proceed with a partial refund if the customer fails to mention the correct writing level (for example, University instead of College level). The customer will receive the price difference.
  3. If a customer provides contradicting instructions (attached guidance differ from the initial instructions), the financial department will count the difference in price.
  4. Have look at the table that demonstrates the order`s cancelling process:
Refund percentage Passed deadline (approximately)
100% 10-15% of the deadline
90% 20-25% of the deadline
80% 30-35% of the deadline
70% 40-45% of the deadline
60% 50-55%
50% 60%
  • It is forbidden for our customers to cancel the order when less than 30% of the deadline is left, and the writer is working on it. Besides, if the writer has already uploaded the paper, the order cannot be cancelled.

Late Verification

  1. Customers should understand that in case of late verification (when the customer does not respond to the questions of Financial Department and fails to verify their identity) the deadline will start from the moment of getting the necessary information. The customer should extend the deadline or place a compensation order for writer`s urgent work.

Word Count Issues

  1. The pages are counted not visually but according to the number of words (300 words per page). However, the price for technical orders is recalculated depending on the complexity of the task.
  2. PowerPoint Presentations Speaker Notes should be paid additionally. If such an option is ordered, the writer will provide 100-150 words for each slide.

  3. Such assignments as online tests are calculated according to the rule of 5 questions per 1 page. The same rule can be applied to the “multiple choice questions” tasks. For example, if the customer wants 20 questions to be answered, they should place 4-page paper.

Deadline/ Order`s Delivery

  1. According to the company rules, early delivery should be compensated. For example, if the customer paid initially for 11 days, but needs the paper in 5 days, they are to pay the difference in price additionally. In case the writer agrees to deliver the final paper before the deadline expiration, the customer has no right to apply for future refund.
  2. If the order is late, the company would proceed with at least partial refund.

Order Type

  1. All customers need to choose the correct order type for their paper. Refund cannot be applied if initially the customer did not pay for the requested services.
  2. In the “Rewriting” orders, the writer will have to rephrase/rewrite the customer`s text. If the customer needs to get some additional services such as adding sources, new sections written from scratch, adjusting some areas from the customer’s file, etc., the support department will ask for compensation.
  3. We highly appreciate customers` timely responses to our requests and questions. Remember that close communication between the customer and assigned writer is the shortest way to success.