A Rose for Emily
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Analysis of A Rose for Emily

Let's start with the short summary of A Rose for Emily. In childhood, Miss Emily Grierson, the daughter of an aristocratic family, was isolated by her father. From an early age, she was brought up in the atmosphere of tradition and duty. The townspeople always considered her to be disdainful and arrogant. Miss Emily has a mental illness (she refuses to acknowledge the death of her father). This mysterious problem holds her to the house.

After the death of the father, she gets acquainted with Homer Barron, a man who comes to the town with his crew to build sidewalks. The townspeople blame her for the affair because they think that Barron is too low class for her. Emily does not pay attention to their disapproval.

Once she buys a strong poison (arsenic) and does not explain why she needs it. After her death that comes years later, the townspeople find a skeleton of Homer Barron in her bed.

We slightly move to A Rose for Emily analysis. Our journey starts with the funeral of Miss Emily Grierson. Then we go back to her childhood and see that she was cut off from the society by her father. After his death, she refused to acknowledge that he had passed away. When the townspeople buried her father's body, Emily started suffering a mental breakdown. She stayed alone in a large house.

Miss Emily Grierson becomes interested in Homer Barron who has come to Jefferson. They appear together on the town streets and provoke gossips. Their relationship is not approved by the townspeople that emphasize on the difference in social class. Nevertheless, Emily buys men's toiletry set and invites Barron. The townspeople think that marriage is inevitable, moreover, they are upset that they cannot persuade Emily to break off this relationship. Barron comes to her in the evening and no one sees him after it.

Thereafter, a horrible odor appears. The townspeople do not want to contact with Emily and spread lime in the yard. They know she is watching them from her window. The only person that maintains a connection with the outside world is her servant Tobe. It lasts approximately 6 months: Emily becomes fat and her hair starts graying. Notwithstanding that, she gives painting lessons for 6 or 7 years.

Emily is found dead at 74. After her funeral, the townspeople enter the house and break the locked door upstairs. They find the silver toiletry set, the pillow with gray hair, and the skeleton of Homer Barron that has been lying on this bed for 40 years. Near Barron, they find a strand of Emily's gray hair, the evidence that she lay beside him years after she had killed him.

Hope that William Faulkner A Rose for Emily summary will encourage you to read the whole story. It is definitely unexpected and peculiar.

7 December, 2017 in default category name
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