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Female Writers You Absolutely Must Read in Your Lifetime

During the entire history of mankind, women have been underestimated in all spheres of life. Luckily in the modern world there are hardly any of those tales of the past left. However, there used to be some examples of courage among the weaker gender, who tried to prove their equality and swam against the stream. The great female authors have written some amazing books that underline the importance of a woman in the society, so here are some of those masterpieces for you to definitely read during your life.

Must Read Women Books


Adrienne Rich made amazing poetry with her best collections containing the loveliest and sweetest works. She is a solid feminist and the way she combines historical, gender, territorial metaphors in a single poem is just amazing. Regardless of whether you are a fan of lyrics or have never read anything, Adrienne’s poetry will definitely charm you.


Youth memories are the ones that stay with you forever. The same relates to Alison Bechdel and her publication in 2006. Fun Home was created with her recollections of the childhood and relations with her father and brothers. With the feeling of gothic influence, the book is a flashback to Alison’s family. Try this if you are interested in how a woman analyzes her position in the society when she was a child.


Regarded as one of the most successful female writers in modern America, Amy Hempel is considered as an ideal author who has all the necessary qualities. Witty lines of the prose are written in minimal style with amazing humor references. Unless you do not know how to read, there is no excuse for you for not reading the Collected Stories.


An African woman who is passionate about depicting political harassments, racial intricacies, the difference in cultural life, and even wars deserves only the best. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie proved her genius and was awarded the “Genius Grant” in 2008. Americanah is a novel that describes her moving to America, college entering, and life accommodation as an African person in the USA. Once started, the book simply absorbs with the way it is written.


A story about a naive Brazilian girl, describing her inner world, personality traits, and character in general is a well-known piece of prose around the Europe. Clarice Lispector, the author of the book, was not quite popular in America, though now people become more interested in the life and works of Ukrainian-born Brazil Jewish.


The writing of Donna Tartt simply magnifies. The way she describes the events in the story combines melodramatic, supernatural, and eccentric approaches, making the simple words form unforgettable images in your head. The Secret Story tells us about the group of students who start committing murders, honoring their victims to the Greek god of madness. Stuffed with dark humor and scary motives the book must be a number one on the list of horror fans.

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