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High School Creative Writing Prompts

Overcoming the writer's block before actually kicking off your writing process is not the only obstacle you can meet on your way. It happens that you lack inspiration and do not know how to take the first step. Besides, you can just simply get stuck in the middle of the process. There are numerous reasons for that, and one of the most common is when you accidentally put a foot wrong while compiling your writing. Then you got side-tracked and finally, do not know how to handle the situation.

All mishaps that are described in the previous paragraph happen due to the lack of experience with writing assignments. Nevertheless, professors and tutor will eagerly give you a helping hand so do not hesitate to ask them for help. What is more, they usually provide their students with so-called writing prompts. It could be in a form of a thought-provoking question which will help to generate the idea. A detailed or undetailed instruction will make high school students think deeply on the theme and thus stimulate their imagination.

Bear in mind that students often find it daunting and tedious to write simple summaries, book reports, and old school essays. The basic need to keep high school students interested is number one to consider. If the assignment given is not motivating, they just simply stuck at the beginning or in the middle of the writing process. The purpose of prompts, or simply tips, is to help students catch the purpose of the writing assignment and assist in generating the plan. This plan might refer to evoking inspiration for creating a story or sharing some memorable moments of their lives with each other. Furthermore, the prompt might even encourage a student to take a trivial thing or event and turn it into unforgettable.

The size and shape of the writing prompts are various and sundry. Professors can even give some funny prompts in order to boost creativity and push to writing something out of ordinary.The most widespread still riveting prompts are gathered below:

  1. Which toy was your favorite in childhood?
  2. Would you like to acquire the ability to talk to animals?
  3. Write a poem. Right now and without unnecessary excuses that you are not talented enough.
  4. Create a holiday. Tell when and how people can celebrate it. Create the story behind this holiday.
  5. Who is the person who has a special value for you?

All above-mentioned is aimed at developing students' creativity and honing writing skills, as well as the skills of expressing themselves. Moreover, these tips will help to evoke the talent that is sleeping deep within every one of them. Nonetheless, these creative writing prompts are pretty simple and manageable. If students write them with ease, it does not mean that they have achieved their limit. The focal point is to give increasingly tricky tasks. With the flow of time, some tips should become even controversial and more challenging.

  1. Which era would you choose if you had an opportunity to travel once back in time?
  2. Write a poem about a goldfish.
  3. Write a story about an animal which lives in captivity.
  4. Narrate your worst nightmare.
  5. Imagine that you woke up being a spider.
  6. If you were the headmaster of the school, what changes would you introduce?
  7. Describe the experience you had with a wizard who told you that you have magic powers.
  8. Write a letter to your supervisor.
  9. Would you prefer to turn into a mammal or a bird?
  10. What will you never tell your children?
  11. Imagine you have found a coral necklace in the attic.
  12. Imagine you have found the Aladdin's magical lamp. Which would be your first three wishes?
  13. Write about your personal experience when you have dispelled your own fears.
  14. Is your role model a famous person, a professor, a close friend, or one of your parents? Actually, do you have a role model?
  15. Begin the story with the words "It was an ordinary Sunday evening when I realized…"
  16. Are you ashamed of something?
  17. What makes you blush?
  18. Who would you like to become?
  19. What is your dream job?
  20. Have you ever broken a promise? Why?
  21. Write a letter to the future you.

These prompts in the form of questions are the first step towards creative writing. The following instructions could be used for both home assignment and in-class activities. They will make the high school students go the extra mile towards expressing themselves and sharpening writing skills.

4-in-1. 4 items in 1 paragraph

This assignment is a written one and assumes creating a one-paragraph story. First of all, you need to come up with four things:

  1. A light source. Choose something that will add a particular flavor to your story, for instance, moonlight, candle, dry or ball lightning, torch, flashing neon light, stars, or even snow.
  2. A unique object. This object should be something eye-catching or attention-grabbing, something that can distract the protagonist attention, namely a replica of "The Night's Watch," boy's blue hair, an old printed book (even handwritten), white shoes, etc.
  3. Onomatopoeia. It does not matter what sound it is - deafening, soft, distant, clear, deep, pleasing, or awful. It should be just audible. You can use the sound of broken glass, rain, bird, coins, or even bell ringing. Do not limit your imagination.
  4. Setting. The location you come up with will be the setting of your story. Opt for a parking garage, a local park, a closed museum, the woods, the corner of two streets, the foot of the mountain, and so forth.

After making a list, unfold your story around a single character using all these items. Be as creative as possible. Bear in mind that in your paragraph you need to introduce the protagonist, present his struggle, unfold the plot to the climax, and resolve the struggle.

Important: Do not choose the items before planning your story. The focal point is to adjust all the details to the plot even if some of them seem to be a bad combination.

Remark: If you choose this assignment to be done in class, you can offer students write each item from the list on the separate piece of paper and then put them in the boxes respectively. Students can take one piece of paper from each box and only then start writing. Thus, you can ensure that students will not plan the plot prior to picking the items.

Unpredictable Twists of Lyrical Dialog

For completing this assignment, visit the website with song lyrics, for example, You are supposed to choose a song that you have never heard, and the easiest way to do it is to select a random song. Making a notable example, I have never heard "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay. I opened the lyrics and found out that I like the following line "I used to roll the dice…" Maybe I have opted for it just because I really like to play with fire.

Then you need to find two more crazy lines from other songs. It would be also nice if you choose not only other artists but also different genres.

When you are finished with selecting lyrics, use the first one you have found to start the dialog between two people who in reality will not say this phrase. Remember that you are about to be as creative as possible! Let me provide my own example: "I used to roll the dice…" said a six-year-old girl her English teacher.

It sounds pretty simple, isn't it? Continue the dialog and do not forget to insert the other lyrics in the flow of conversation.

Important: Remember that the dialog should make sense. Do not rely on the stream of consciousness.

Remark: The preparation stage should be done by students themselves. In order to make this assignment even more challenging, make the students exchange their lyrics.

If writing a prompt is some kind of a nightmare for you, you are reluctant to compile it willing to spend your precious time on something less creative, or it is still a complicated task, visit our website. Our essay writing service will assist you with pleasure!

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