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Composing an essay is considered the most common but at the same time one of the most challenging tasks in college. It is not just about writing a simple essay, but rather creating a paper that your readers will memorize for a long time. That is why it is of the utmost importance to learn all the peculiarities of writing a thorough essay and find out the ways how to make the writing even better.

Overcoming Mediocre Writing

That is clear that writing is not a common process. In order to develop the quality of your essays, you are required to get better in a few different areas. This can be compared to a kitchen where a chef has to master roasting, grilling, be good at chopping, dicing, know about every product on the table and what is the most important – practice.


When you hear that you need to learn to write sentences you may be a bit offended. However, most of the students even do not think about making their sentences look more beautiful and complex. Simply decorate your narration with new transitions, expand the sentences by using various epithets and metaphors. Imagine you are a real chef and spice up your language with new vocabulary. What about questions? Why not add a rhetoric question to make the reader ponder a bit? For even deeper effect, try including a story into your story and continue mastering transition usage.


To learn about other ways to improve your writing skills is simply learn. It may sound weird but the same way as you watch a YouTube clip to learn to prepare a dish, there are several decent courses with video materials where you are explained all the twists and turns of writing art. Devote some time in your busy calendar to watching those clips without any distractions; listen to the experts saying wise tips and make notes to be able to remember them in practice.


Chaotic writing will bring you nothing unless you organize it into a structured plan and will follow each point precisely. The key thing here is to learn to stick to a list of writing going from plan to draft, then editing and formatting. Even though the first two require a thorough preparation, you should devote most of your time to editing as that is where you check the finished product – the same way as the chef checks already prepared meal.


The best way to use your writing skills and get closer to your reader is to understand what they need. Offer them some help as they are mostly reading your essay because want to know something. Then make them believe you are telling truth, perceive them, even slightly impose your idea on them – this gets much better when you support your arguments with facts and real experience. Finally, be a servant to your audience and present information in a simple way so that it was easy to understand.

Only combining the best skills of separate fields, you will be able to compose the essay that you have struggled for.

9 November, 2017 in default category name
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