How to List References on Resume
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How to List References on Resume

A lot of people ask how to list references on resume. It is a good question. And even though most resume experts think that resume references should not be added at all in case a job seeker doubts them, this question keeps on arising. If you want to cast away all the doubts and learn how to list references on resume in a proper way, this article will help you.

How should I write resume references?

First of all, never, ever, write references on your resume, when you are about to send it to the HR manager. You might be surprised by this statement, but you should know that 99.9% of HR managers do not need to see your resume references right away. In case they are interested in your candidature and want to see them, they will ask you to send them a list of references. This is when you should be ready to provide them with your resume references.

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When you are writing your resume, use the space in it to tell about your skills, job experience, and other important points that can be interesting for your employer. In the meantime, you should also have the list of names and phone numbers of your previous employers, in case you need to send it.

If you would like to know how to end a resume in a way to make the employer interested in seeing your resume references, keep in mind that they might want to see it at the final stage of the hiring process. At this point, they might have narrowed down their search to 2-3 candidates. It means that you have to make a clear and easy-to-understand list of your resume references.

In addition, if you know how to list references on resume in the best way, you can make it easier for the employer to contact your references.

How to write resume references and how many jobs to list on resume

Your resume references have to include the name, title, position, email address and phone number of your reference, as well as the name of their organization or company. Do not include the physical address of this person, because it is not necessary for the employer. It is also important to describe how you are related to your resume references and how long you have worked for them. Add as many jobs to your list as you need to show your competence for the potential employer.

What is a professional reference and how to make your resume references look pro?

  • Find right people

    Your resume references will look good if you include references from your former colleagues and managers. These people know very well how skillful you are and how you can perform the work that is required from you. In case you are a student and have not been employed before, you can add resume references from your instructors, professors, guidance counselors, advisers, or other people who can tell the potential employer about your professional skills and personal qualities. Do not add resume references from your family members or friends, because this kind of references will have no weight for the employer.

  • Ask permission

    It is also important to ask permission from all the people whose contacts you want to add to the list. First of all, it is polite. Second, it will allow them to prepare a response in case the employer contacts them. If you fail to ask permission, it can make you look bad in the eyes of the employer and lead to your failure to get a job.

  • Know whom to include

    Most likely, you will have to include no more than three people to your resume references. Therefore, you will need to choose wisely. Think of the people who will be the most relevant to the job and work industry you are applying for. It should also be the people who can highlight your best skills in the most effective way. Ask yourself these questions and you will soon find the most suitable people for your resume references. If you offer a good list, your potential employer will be impressed and your chances to get a job will be maximized.

  • Thank people from your list

    When you are done searching for the job, do not forget to thank the people you added to your resume references for their help. It is important to maintain a good relationship with these people.

Now you know perfectly well how to write resume references, so go ahead and do it!

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