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The NFL’s Greatest Players

For some people football is simply a game, for others it is a favorite kind of sport or a hobby, and for some it is a life’s passion, mission, one of the ways to self-express.

Professional football in America was established in 1880s and since that time has been played on different levels from amateur and college clubs to National Football Leagues. We admire this kind of sport for its ability to unite, to raise team’s spirit and to provoke emotions. Thanks to this game, we’ve discovered both great players and personalities, whose trace in professional football history will never be forgotten. Let’s recollect some greatest NFL’s players, whose excellent performances gave a new look at such sport as football.

  • John Constantine Unitas

    John Constantine Unitas, was the NFL quarterback player, whose 47-game consecutive touchdown streak record between 1956 and 1960 was considered as one of the most unbreakable for quite a long period of time until it was beaten by the quarterback Drew Brees, in 2012, in a game against the San Diego Charges. Known as “Johnny U” and “The Golden Arm,” John Unitas is forever engraved in our memories as a Baltimore Colt with a strong passing game.

  • Walter Payton

    Walter Payton, also called “Sweetness,” was a running back player for the Chicago Bears of the NFL in 1975-1987 years. His life’s motto “Never Die Easy,” incredible persistence, and signature maneuver the “stutter-step,” which he developed on his own, gave Payton an opportunity to outwork lots of his rivals and beat players, who were blessed with physical abilities and star speed by nature.

  • Lawrence Taylor

    Lawrence Taylor or “L.T.” was a linebacker for the New York Giants in 1981-1993 and excelled in football history by his defensive techniques and schemes. Holding the title of the most “feared” and “intimidating” linebacker, L.T. ended his 13 year career with 1,089 tackles, 132.5 quarterback sacks and the NFL MVP award.

  • Joe Montana

    Joe Montana is the former quarterback, who during his career as a football player was nicknamed as “Joe Cool” and “The Comeback Kid.” Known for his Super Bowl Most Valuable Player trophies, for most passes record, for high quarterback ratings, Joe Montana is till the present moment remains to be the only football player, who holds the record of two touchdown passes of 95+ yards.

  • Jim Brown

    Jim Brown was one of the most difficult to tackle running back players and will always be known in NFL as the Cleveland Browns all-time leading rusher. Though, Brown retired from sport at the age of only 29 years, he already was the holder of rushing records and was recognized as the AP NFL Most Valuable Player.

  • Jerry Rice

    Jerry Rice is a former wide receiver, who played 303 in games in total and who was chosen as the greatest players in NFL history by NFL Network’s NFL Films production for his numerous records, game winning catches, and dedication to football.

These names have made a great impact on the development of new tactics and techniques of such kind of sport as football. They are known all over the world for their mastery in football and definitely deserve to be on the list of the NFL’s greatest players ever.

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