Informative Speech On Penguins

Attention Catcher: Did you know that Penguins are not only very beautiful but also extremely romantic when proposing to their mates? Did you know that some species of Penguins stick to one partner for life? And did you know that just like humans, Penguins also choose their mates for life?

Thesis Statement: to shed more light on these interesting facts about Penguins, I am going to take you through the entire process of mating life of Penguins, how they take care of the eggs and eventually how they take care of their new borne.

Credibility Statement: I have always had passion for wildlife and learning how different animals behave. I also tend to compare some of the similar traits depicted in both animal family and humans.

Invitational Statement: The current rate of divorce in American families is alarming standing at almost 50 percent. The causes of such marriage breaks being as simple as just an argument between couples. Looking at the behaviour of Penguins, humans can learn from it and renew their commitment to keeping marriages and relationships. I believe all of you will learn these interesting facts about Penguins during my speech and also apply them to you lives where necessary.

Preview: I intend to talk about the mating life of Penguins right from attraction, proposition, actual mating, and responsibilities taken by both parents during incubation and how the young ones are brought up.

Lets us get started right away.

  1. Attraction

    1. Female penguins get attracted mostly to fat, plumb male partners.
      • Such fat males can go for long periods of times incubating the eggs while the female gathers food
      • Females can identify heavy males from their voices
    2. Penguins get attracted to only one partner for life or during a given breeding season
      • For example, Adelie penguins exhibit absolute devotion.
      • Emperor Penguins practice serial monogamy

    After attraction the next step taken by Penguins is to propose

  2. Proposition

    1. Once the male falls in love with a specific female, he moves round the whole beach searching for a perfect pebble.
    2. He waders over her chosen love and places the pebble in front of her feet
    3. If the female accepts the proposal by picking the pebble. Then they are mates for life.

    After proposing and being accepted the mating procedure then begins.

  3. Mating (Anonymous, 2011)

    1. The male approaches the female from behind and vibrate his wings on her neck and back
      • The female lies down
      • The male mounts from above and behind
      • Female raises her tail to expose her cloaca
      • The male lowers and wags his tail to bring his cloaca into contact with the female and they mate
    2. Mating lasts between 10 to 60 seconds
    3. The female then lays either one or two eggs

    Mating is succeeded by sharing of responsibility. Let me focus on how penguins incubate their eggs.

  4. Incubation

    1. Both partners take part in incubation
      • During cold season, the male remains keeping the egg warm while the female goes gathering food
      • When the female returns, it is her turn to keep the egg warm while the male gathers food.
    2. Some York remains when the egg hatches in order for the chick to feed on in case the parent delays coming with food.

    Once hatched, the parents have the responsibility to take care of the little chicks.

  5. Parenting

    1. Just like during incubating, one parent remains with the chick while protecting it while the other goes gathering food.
    2. When one parent comes back, they switch.
    3. When they lose the chick, the female attempts to steal a chick from another parent.
    4. This turns out unsuccessful as other female in the vicinity help the mother defend her chick.

    That is the interesting story about the mating life of Penguins that humans can borrow a leaf from. The mating and parenting life of Penguins is as interesting as it gets.