Personal Strategy


Kahlil Gibran is a U.S prophet well known for his wise quotes on various aspects of life. Most of his quotes have been applied and brought successful changes to different personalities. In every sphere of life, human beings have a tendency of developing personal strategies with the aim of changing their lives, and having an impact to the wider community. As a result, people desire to be inspired by writing and memorable quotes such as those written by Gibran and others. Therefore, I agree with the statement that; when personal strategies are embraced by an individual and followed to the letter, they are bound to have a positive influence on the community and society as a whole.

The most conspicuous quote that Gibran uses to inspire his readers is based on the principle of "love". According to Gibran, people can use the principle of love as a personal strategy to have a positive influence in the community. For instance, Gibran says "love is like a desire; it should not possess or be possessed. Love should be reciprocated since it is sufficient, and directs the desire for compassion and fulfilment."(168). In relation to personal strategy, Gibran's quote concerning love, it is apparent that, without love, it becomes extremely challenging to influence the society.

When an individual want to influence the society through love, it is essential to show compassion, empathy, generosity and care. Just as Gibran says "love is understanding and bleeds willfully and joyfully." (256). In this respect, it is vital to develop an outgoing personality in order to influence the community and society as a whole.

The development of personal strategies, which create a positive impact to the society requires selfless and wilful dedication and commitment. Personal strategies involve the will of the heart to express true feelings and achieve gratification. As Gibran quotes "generosity is giving more than you have, and pride is receiving less that you require." (72). In this respect, a personal strategy such as accomplishment and sharing without limits requires people to give even when unasked through the process of understanding.

Another fundamental quote that Gibran uses to express achievement of personal strategy is that of measure. As explained earlier, personal strategies yield positive results when embraced to create a positive impact. In this respect, Gibran says "the significance or true worth of a man is not what he has achieved, but what he longs to achieve." ( This quote relates well with issues of personal strategies for development in many ways. For instance, people become comfortable after a little achievement and begin celebrating before conceptualizing the outcome or responsibility. Gibran further states that, the heart and mind of a person is measured by what they aspire to do, and not what they have achieved.


Kahlil Gibran's quotes have a great significance as far as personal strategies are concerned. In this respect, I have employed the strategy of togetherness and self giving to make a positive impact in my community. For instance, when my community was under a spell of communicable diseases, I marshalled and involved the nurses in local hospitals to provide immunization especially to mothers and young children. I was also involved in the process of educating people how to observe hygienic conditions to ensure they keep off such diseases. In the words of Gibran, I consider this a great achievement because I made a positive impact in my community.