Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will my paper be delivered?

    Every customer must put a deadline on his/her order form, and we are bound by it with a money-back guarantee. Thus, 95% of the time, our customers receive their works well ahead of the deadline. To be on the safe side, however, we recommend that you set a deadline two days before you must actually turn it in. This allows time for you to review it and request changes. Obviously, extremely urgent deadlines (hours), will usually mean that your deadline is met, but not before.

  • What if I do not receive my paper on time?

    When you buy essay or paper writing from us, and we accept your order, we automatically accept your deadline. We monitor all order completion, moreover, to ensure that completion is on schedule. Only in an extreme circumstance would we ever be late with an order, and, if we ever should be, the customer will receive a full refund.

  • What is I am unhappy with my paper?

    We provide for free revisions until the customer is satisfied. You may request revisions through your personal account page. As well, you may request that a different writer prepare those revisions. Keep in mind, however, that revisions requests must not change the initial instructions of your order. If they do, an additional fee shall apply.

  • Am I cheating by buying custom essays and papers from you?

    We offer custom writing to students so that they may be able to study and learn how to prepare academically-sound writing of their own. We encourage students to use their orders as models and samples. Submitting one of our works as one’s own may be cause for a charge of cheating by an instructor.

  • Is my privacy protected and is my use of your essays online service confidential?

    When you order from the Cheap-Essay-Online online custom essay service, you have our guarantee that your private information is fully protected. We ask for your name, email address, and telephone number on the order form, only so that we may contact you regarding your order, if necessary. Otherwise, you personal information is NEVER shared with any other party. Every customer who places an order is given an ID number, and this is used for all communication and transactions. If you are additionally concerned about privacy, please contact our customer service department for full details, or read our Privacy Policy page on this site.

  • Do you have discounts if I order multiple custom essay products?

    We have discount programs for both new and returning customers. Some of our discounts are seasonal, and others are a reward for loyalty. Aside from these, we have a 10% discount regularly, as well as a permanent discount of 20% once customers purchase essays online totaling 25 individual orders.

  • How can you provide high quality at such a cheap essay price?

    Many custom essays online companies charge an extremely high price for their services. Unfortunately, many students cannot afford such prices. Our site is organized and managed a bit differently. Other companies have entrepreneur owners who want a significant profit from each order placed. They must pay their writers, of course, but they take a generous profit for themselves. We, on the other hand, are a community of writers, and we rely on volume of orders for our pay. Our overhead costs are low, and we do not have owners who insist upon a large profit margin off the top. We are therefore to offer essay help at much reduced prices. Because each writer gets the majority of the fee charged to a customer, s/he does quite well by always producing the highest quality and having many return customers request him/her. Actually most of the good writing services charge an extremely high price however there are lot of customers who are unable to pay that much in order to get quality services. is an academic writing company that believes in working for lot of customers rather than working for high profit margins. This organization is run by writers’ community and therefore almost the entire price paid for a paper goes to the writer due to which the quality of the content is very high and the customer satisfaction is undoubted. We will continue with our business model because student can buy essay online writing at a great price, get premium quality, and the writer is paid well. Everyone wins under our model!

  • Who are your writers and what are their qualifications?

    To become a part of our organization, a writer must be native English-speaking and have a graduate degree from a recognized English-speaking university. We have centers in the U.S., Canada, the UK and Australia, from which our writers work. Once a customer places an order, our automated system analyzes that order for all detail, to include topic, scholastic level, and type of writing. All essays, research papers, case studies, book reviews, degree essays, etc. are then assigned only to those writers with the degrees and degree levels that qualify them to assume the project. Most writers are professional educators in their fields, authors in their fields, or career professionals who have demonstrated superior academic writing abilities. We match order and writer very carefully!

  • Do I have the ability to contact my writer?

    Absolutely. You will have a personal account page with a built-in messaging system between you and your authors. You can ask questions, track order progress, provide information and respond to your writer’s questions as well. The entire history of your message is available throughout the process. You can even upload information and materials for your writer to use.

  • How do I know that what my writer produces is not plagiarized?

    We offer a money-back guarantee to anyone who finds any plagiarism in works that are produced by our writer! Every time a piece is completed by a writer, it immediately goes to our editing department. There it is reviewed for structure, style, grammar, etc., and, as well, subjected to our plagiarism-detection software scan. No plagiarism ever goes to a customer. If you order our editing service for a piece you have already written, however, we will not check it, and the responsibility rests with you.

  • How do I know that my paper is not written before I order it?

    Our writers do not have access to works they have previously produced nor to the works previously produced by our other writers. As well, they know that should they ever “lift” a previously written work from elsewhere, it would be found through our detection software. Third, we have ethical writers! When they come to work for us they are bound by contact, and by their own principles, to produce 100% original works.