Marketing Strategies

Coca-Cola, mostly referred to as coke, is a carbonated soft drink manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company. It was originated in the United States of America in 1886. The Coca-Cola Company sells the concentrates to licensed Coca-Cola bottlers all over the world, except Cuba and North Korea.

The Coca-Cola Company has never stated categorically that coke is meant for a specific range of people. It is popular among different consumers. However, most of its advertisements feature a lot of young people, especially those playing and having fun. This presents coke to a potential customer as a cool drink, appealing more to the youth. However, some brands of coke target specific consumers. For example, Coca-Cola Diet targets for people with diabetes or unstable sugar levels and the elderly.

Positioning is the process of trying to create a good image of a product in a consumer’s mind. Coca-Cola has positioned itself as part and parcel of the lives of people all across the world. Its use of unique selling prepositions like “live in the coke side of life” and “open the happiness” has contributed to its success.

Sergio Zyman, the former chief marketing officer of the Coca-Cola Company argues (1999) that, in order to think globally, a company must act locally. The industry is quite competitive regionally. However, Coca-Cola has managed to dominate globally. Its success can be attributed to its long existence in the market, being a pioneer in the market, and also it's good positioning in the minds of its consumers. Since coke is already doing well in the market, re-positioning is not necessary.

Marketing Efforts towards the Specific Ethnic Community: The Hispanic

In the United States of America, the Hispanic or Latino is the largest minority segment, which is growing in a magical way toward the ethnic plurality. They immigrated to America from Latin America or the Iberian Peninsula. It also includes those Americans who identify with them. The Hispanic market offers a fresh perspective on yet another segment of the U.S market and economy. It is predicted that the future American economy may inevitably depend on the Hispanic. It is due to the demographic change and the expected socio-cultural shifts that come alongside these changes.

Over the years, the Hispanics have amassed significantly the buying power. In August 2011, the market analyst IBISWorld made a special report, which estimated that overall Hispanic buying power totaled $1.1 trillion in 2011, which was about 9.5% of the U.S. total. It was a significant contribution to a group considered to be a minority. Moreover, the IBISWorld forecasts that by 2015, growing at a 48% clip compared to 27% of the entire nation, the Hispanic buying power will hit $1.6 trillion.

The wealth of the Hispanic population is one of the fastest growing segments. According to the Packaged Facts, the upscale Latino population (with $75,000 or more) has more than doubled in the past ten years. They are currently around 3million. Therefore, this is an incredible market, accounting for a quarter of the Hispanic population. Despite this, according to the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agency, the luxury brands advertisers have been decreasing their spending. The most effective method to reach them is not through the sole use of the Spanish language. This is because the Hispanic population is not composed solely of Spanish speaking citizens. It includes Mexican, French, Lebanese, and others. The third and even the fourth generation of Hispanics may consist of those that can communicate only in English. To the Spanish speaking Hispanics, however, an advert in Spanish is more appealing to them. According to the Experian Simmons 2011 National Hispanic Consumer Study, 56% of Spanish speaking Hispanics say “When I hear a Company advertise in Spanish, it makes me feel like they respect my culture” 

Review of Car Companies Websites

In the online world, the only way to attract a potential customer is to be appealing. Actually, the same is true in the real world. The look really matters. This means that your website should be irresistibly attractive to the eyes.

In all ten companies I reviewed, I found out that they had attractive home pages. They use clean layouts, universal fonts, the right color scheme, and all contain a site map. It was also easy to navigate in all the sites and the traffic seemed to have been well taken care of.

First of all, to build a website, there has to be the system with an easy logging in and fast working functions. It should load very quickly before your potential customer loses patience. The site should also be focused on its goal. It should be credible because people value their privacy.

The navigation should be easy and seamless. This may keep a customer without being consciously aware for a very long time. Make sure your site is interactive and personalized. It will lead to a customer’s delight and will definitely increase your purchases. 

After all, have been considered, make sure that the website is consistent in its layout, color themes, content, and design. However, any improvements, for sure, will definitely be welcomed.