Training of Employees

Training of employees and giving them good working conditions is very important to an organization. This will ensure that all the staff works as a unit to achieve collective objectives and ultimately generate profits for the organization. All the staff in the organization should, therefore, be trained adequately because this will increase the going concern of the organization in the long run.

The main reason why the employees whose work is to assemble tuning devices never did a thorough job is due to lack of enough training. Proper staff training leads to efficiency in their work. This means that a well-trained staff will reduce the risks of potential mishaps in the business. The well-trained employees will always tend to give their best in the work that they do. The reservations put forward by the boss, therefore, were justified because if the employees were better trained, they could have been efficient in their work, thus, the tuning devices could have been assembled well. This could have reduced to a greater extent the cases of having to rework on the already assembled tuning devices.

The moral of the employees is also an important factor which should have been considered. Morale can only be improved through training and other forms of motivation. Employees with high morale will feel that they belong to the organization and that the organization is interested in their involvement. This will create a sense of loyalty to the employees, thus, doing their absolute best for the success of the organization. It seems the employees, in this case, had very low morale, thus, they did a shoddy work as a result. Their morale should be boosted through training to enable the employees to assemble the tuning devices with zeal, and in some time some of the employees will be able to climb the corporate ladder.

Training of the supervisor is also an important facet in the productivity of the organization. The main areas of training should be about ergonomics and workstation improvement. This will give rise to very competent supervisors who will create an ideal environment for achieving the maximum potential of each employee. A well-trained supervisor will also ensure that the employees are properly trained.

In this company, which deals with assembling of tuning devices, training should not in any way be ignored. If the safety of the employees is at the heart of the organization, training should be given the first priority. One of the reasons why the employees never did the assembling of the tuning devices to the required standards may be because of fear. Their safety when dealing with the tuning devices might not have been catered for in the training program.

The skills of the employees are in a questionable state after the employees produced sub-standard tuning devices. This might be the main reason why the boss had to come in to correct the mess. The skills of staff can only be kept up to date by a continuous training program, which the supervisor should ensure that they are followed to the letter. This will eventually lead to less or no tuning devices being returned for reworking and repairing. Training in this perspective will lead to the expansion of the horizon of the human intellect and overall personality of the employees.

This company should allow training to infiltrate into the fabrics of its operating system for better performance. The aftermath of this will be efficiency in the operations of this company. Efficiency will be in terms of the staff producing well-assembled tuning devices with little or no defects. The boss, on the other hand, will be satisfied with the overall work done and even look for more ways of motivating the employees such as giving them gifts.

The impact of having poorly trained employees can be seen in our case. The mistakes that the staff made were very costly to the organization. The lost time which was used to repair and rework the tuning devices could have been used to produce more tuning devices. This could have affected the organizations' revenue, competitiveness, and performance directly. Most organizations usually take the first resort of cutting their training budget when the economy declines. When they do this, they sacrifice the long term value of their organization.

The working condition of the employees should also be considered if this company’s mishaps are to be remedied. Employees’ should be continuously motivated by the company. Employees who have a poor working environment always tend to be demotivated. Employees should not in any case work for long hours with poor remuneration. This will directly affect their attitude towards the organization making them do a very poor job.

Training of employees in the organization should, therefore, be non-debatable because it will be beneficial to the organization as a whole. This entails the inclusion of standardized protocol when hiring new employees, which will assist in their orientation about the entire organization dynamics and information systems. The training programs, which will improve the overall performance of the employees, will enable the organization to have a paradigm of continuous growth. Training of staff should, therefore, not be viewed from an expense perspective; it should be viewed from the benefit perspective.