The Need for the Organ Donation

In the introduction of the story, there is very important information which the writer addresses the audience. The writer shows his inner feelings about someone dying when there is a possibility of supporting his or her life. There was a very low tone of the writer’s introduction because he ought to use a deep tone to make the readers take him seriously about the subject matter. The intention getter which the writer has portrayed is the ability of the person to intentionally give his body organ for the sake of saving the life of another person. The donor, therefore, loses his life to prolong the life of a different person who would have not died when there were wholly willing organ donors whose life cannot be saved even if he receives a donation of the organ. There was also credible information about the topic which the writer intended to talk about. It was very vivid because he addresses his concern about the need to save the life of others whose lives can be prolonged by donating them the organ.

There is also a proper presentation on the subject matter which the writer intended to discuss since he empathetically demonstrated the condition which the patient feels when his problem can be willing to fully be solved by a donor. The writer takes the reader through the whole discussion without deviating from the subject matter which was organ donation by saying that today I want to talk about organ donation and its problems which means that he has an intention of only discussing the organ donation. The writer used the transition so well when he was introducing the subject matter by categorically introducing his intention of the discussion then eventually starts to define the meaning of the topic. He also changes from subtopic to subtopic by highlighting what he intends to discuss in the subsequent topic of the subject matter. The writer shows that he was almost ending the discussion when he says that “he is going to leave us with a short quote “which he quoted as the ending remark to the entire discussion. Monroe’s sequence of need was followed to the latter since the writer portrays his concern about patients lose their lives and the need they have to solve these problems.

The presenter had to dress appropriately for the occasion to make the discussion real to the audience. The kind of dressing should add value to the discussion and must have the ability to demonstrate the feelings which the presenter wants to give to the audience. The dressing style must match the occasion so that the information being delivered to the audience becomes more meaningful. The eye contact was also used by the presenter to show sorrow and pity he has for the patients dying but their problems can be solved easily by the good wishes in the community. Gestures and body movements were used also to add value to the discussion and to make it lively. It was used when explaining to the audience the need for organ donation so that the information being passed attracts their attention to listen to the presenter. The visual aids like posters and videotapes were used by the presenter to help the audience memorize the need of the organ donation. Posters were also used to show the audience the way people whose lives can be saved are dying so that they create the same picture in their mind. “Disfluencies ‘were also used when the presenter was ending the discussion when he says it’s not unless to show the pain he has when he sees potential people losing their lives miserably.

The presenter vividly presented real life he experienced when his grandfather died when in wait of a willing donor to give him his lungs so that his life would be saved. This live experience which he gave made the audience to be sure that there is a great need for the organ donation in the whole World. The information which the presenter was giving to the audience was very new to them since the manner and nature in which the presenter was passing it indicating that the audience lacks a lot of information relating to organ donation and its importance. Structural organization of the presentation was very good which makes it easy to be understood by the audience. The presenter created sub topics which he follows logically during the presentation to ensure that the whole of the discussion is completed successfully. In the whole of the presentation, my feeling is that the presenter is concerned about the death of the loved ones who dies at the wrong time when their lives can be saved by the organ donation. I pity him for having lost his grandfather when they fail to find a donor to save his life. From the presentation, I learn that people should be concerned about others and be ready to support one another at the point of their need. I, therefore, accept to abide by the request of the presenter since we need one another in all manners of life.